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I will be joining The Daily Dot next week as a contributor, where I will cover Internet freedom, culture, and tech. I will continue my now considerable number of other jobs, including running CE, hosting The Segue, and contributing to Techlicious, Time, and Medium.

We have some interesting things happening at The Segue, which will become public in a few weeks time. In all the years I’ve known my partner-in-crime Eric Leamen, we’ve never been able to go long without building something new and innovative, and this will be no different.

Stay tuned.

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Episode 3 of The Segue

My good friend and colleague Eric Leamen and I have a weekly podcast called The Segue, in which we discuss the goings on of the tech industry and pop culture as a whole. In the latest episode, we discuss BlackBerry’s fall from grace, Apple selling 9 million iPhones during its opening weekend, and Microsoft announcing its new Surface 2 tablets, along with reports of Ford CEO Allan Mulally being the frontrunner for the CEO post.

Check out the podcast at TheSegue.co, and on iTunes and Stitcher.

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A Review of Drake’s Nothing Was The Same

Since it leaked about 10 days early, I’ve been able to get my thoughts down on Drake’s newest album earlier than I expected. What I did expect was Nothing Was The Same would be great, and I wasn’t let down. One of the most complete and cohesive albums in the last five years, it has my vote for album of the year.

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