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I rarely write personal posts, but the past year of my life has been a special one, and I felt it deserves some kind of documentation, outside of the roughly 6,000 tweets I tapped out in 2014. To truly understand my year, you need to know how I got to this point, and about the three wonderful people who have played a huge part in my life and career.

This past January, I was still running the site I created back in late 2011, CE: The Magazine, and freelancing for a few publications. The site wasn’t meant to last that long — I initially built it thinking it wouldn’t last past the one year I’d registered the domain for, but naively hoping for much more. What actually happened is a three-year journey that took me by complete surprise.

While I was looking for writers for my site, I paused to read The Verge, which had launched a few weeks before. I noticed a comment in the post I was reading

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I will be joining The Daily Dot next week as a contributor, where I will cover Internet freedom, culture, and tech. I will continue my now considerable number of other jobs, including running CE, hosting The Segue, and contributing to Techlicious, Time, and Medium.

We have some interesting things happening at The Segue, which will become public in a few weeks time. In all the years I’ve known my partner-in-crime Eric Leamen, we’ve never been able to go long without building something new and innovative, and this will be no different.

Stay tuned.

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